Rilyn is quite the clown lately! Wanted to document Tanner saying this!!

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Chunky White Chipboard Alpha
Little Bits Alpha recolored
Alandia Meadow Kit "laugh" taken from tag and pinned tag with mindy's paper (altered) clipped to it
Photo Clusters no. 11
Stitching Holes
I look up element pakc Happy clip
Beautiful Day
Love Bandit Solids
Passionaire brush set
Stitched by Anna White no.1
Absolutely Acrylic Hearts

You are a funny girl Baby Rilyn, you are always trying to make everyone laugh. Once you find something that makes someone smile or laugh you continue to do it. Even if it means bumping your head on the wall, or throwing yourself on the ground. You gladly do it, especially to make your brother laugh. This evening while we were at the open house for Tanner’s new school, you were showing off your crazy antics, and the Principal asked him if you make him laugh, he told her “yeah, she makes my heart laugh.” It melted my heart. I love that you are so happy and silly, & I hope you always make each other laugh.

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