I struggled with whether or not this was too personal to post, but decided that, in the end, journaling with our photos must be authentic or we fool only ourselves about what our lives are.

And Exhale

Fortunately, most of our lives the automatic systems our body has in place run without our
having to think about them. Take breathing. We breathe without notice, without conscious
thought or effort (unless we are exercising...not in itself something I would personally
consider natural anyway...). It is truly an automatic reflex. I do not, however, believe that
the flame inside me that is my spirit, my soul, is fed by automatic breathing. I think that
sometimes it is reduced to a small ember, and blowing on it gently is the only way to keep it
alive. A dear friend is right now, at this moment, sitting in a coutroom at her daughter’s murder
trial. There is nothing I can do to help her. There is nothing I can do to protect her from the
things she is going to see and hear. There is nothing I can do to take any of this away. There is
nothing I can do to bring back her daughter. I can only hug her and remind her that she
must inhale...and exhale. I cannot cup my hands around her flickering ember and blow
gently so it does not go out. I can only try to convince her that it is important that it does
not go out. And then, because I feel I am dying with her, I have to remind myself...

To breathe...

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