I was happy that February arrived so I could change up the look a little bit! And as I look at my pages now, I think I was definitely inspired by Elena's Project 365 layouts...although mine would definitely pale in comparison! :D

Michelle Martin: Layered Template No.10
Katie Pertiet: Naturally Krafty No.3 (paper), Spots of Love (paper), Polar Escape kit (staple), Hanging Tags No.1 (recolored), Posted Valentines No.2
Jesse Edwards: Clean and Serene (paper), Spring Fever (paper), Spring Fever Solids (paper), Feb Chat Freebie (bird and heart swirls brushes)

Font: Myriad Pro

Journaling: Right as I was expecting the Bunco group for dinner and playing, Sam started having bad abdominal pain on his right side! And it wasn’t going away. My mom took over my hosting duties and I rushed Sam to the ER again. We waited a long time and by the time the Dr. came in, Sam was fine. Bored, but fine. By the time Friday rolled around, I was so exhausted. I couldn’t help but feel like my poor plant looks: tired, dried out and shriveled. I was so happy to see the sunshine and clear skies on Saturday! A fresh, new day awaits!