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Journaling Reads:
Well, here I am, no longer in my twenties. So far I don't think it bothers me. I mean, I have three kids, three and under. It has been a long time since I lived the life style of going out and enjoying being young. But, nevertheless, it is an important milestone. The big trend in scrapbooks is the Project 365, trying to capture a photo, image, or journal note every day for a whole year. I've decided to give this social experiment a try, and figure that documenting the 30th year of my live is as good as any way to do it. Now, don't expect that these pages are going to be all about me. I mean, I hope to have a bit of me in here, but, who am I kidding? Colin, Owen and Ellery are the center of our lives and will most likely be the center of this book. I'm writing this at the beginning of this endeavor, and it will be interesting to see what I have to say at the end. But, we will have to wait 365 days to see, won't we?

Kellie Mize
The New Little Black Dress
Anna Aspnes
Hipster Plumes Overlay
Stitched by Anna No 1 White
Katie Pertiet
Stamped Ledger Alpha
Little Vintage Frames