This is a picture from when I was pregnant with Maisie, my godson is in my arms.

This was inspired by this layout that Kayleigh did recently:
As well as for the challenge on Kayleigh and Tara’s blog.

Journaling: Maisie, this picture was taken when I was about 20 weeks pregnant with you. It was just days before we knew that you were a girl and started to call you by your name. Your Pop pop, Nana, Uncle Sean, Aunt Miss and Brendan all came up to spend Christmas with us and you. I was just starting to feel your kicking, but it was so faint that only I could feel it at this point. Being pregnant with you was a wonderful gift. I loved feeling you move and kick and knowing that I was keeping you safe. I have always felt like it was such a gift to be able to have that connection with you. I love you, little girl!

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