This week's IdeaBooks4u blog challenge is to share a Valentine's Day memory. With my sweet tooth, you'd think my favorite memory would be the candy but it was decorating my Valentine mailbox. I know it's kind of a boring subject but it still holds strong as my favorite annual craft project. I scraplifted the design from a project I did in Jessica Sprague's Digi in Deep class.

Journaling: My journaling reads: As a child, I loved making creations out of paper and hands down my favorite craft each year was decorating my Valentine’s box. The box was simply an old shoe box that I decorated with whatever Mom happened to have on hand. One box in particular stands out in my mind. I covered this one completely in light pink construction paper. Using some left over lace Mom had given me, I glued a ruffle around the cover. Next came my specialty: the construction paper hearts. I created these by folding a red or pink sheet of paper in half and carefully cutting out the perfect shape (nice and fat on the top, with just the right amount of “v” and being very careful not to make it too skinny at the point). These hearts were spaced evenly (at least my 8 year old self thought so) around the sides. The crowning glory was the final heart. It was the biggest and of course it was red (I was very much a traditionalist). What put it over the top was the doilie I used as backing. It was fancy. It was beautiful. It made my crafty young heart incredibly proud.

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