Journaling: Even though this was my fourth visit to the King Arthur Flour’s ‘The Baker's Store’, it was just as exciting as every other visit. But this was Maisie's first visit and she toured the store with Daddy, calling 'MAMA, MAMA' if I wandered out of her line of vision. I made one circle around the store, just taking it all in and then I started to shop. I need this, and that and oooo, one of these. Then one of the sales associates stopped us to let us know that there was a sale and that everything in the store was 20% off. WOW! What luck! This didn't help us save money though; I think we just rolled our savings into buying more! Three big heavy bags later, we were off and now I better roll up my sleeves and get baking with all of these wonderful ingredients we bought. Hmmm, I wonder if I should make bagels or English muffins first?

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Photo Wraps No 03
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Little Bits Alphabet
Date strip stamps No. 1 **coming soon**
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Four Pack: Mix+ Match Layered Templates No 01
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Mod Bebe Boy Solids paper pack
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