A couple of my kids, whiling away a rainy day.

Tracy Ann Digital Art:
Create template,
paper from 365 Days add-on 2,
notebook edge from Milestones1 Frames,
glitter rainbow from Giggle,
title font is db dadmonogram,
journaling font is ld marooned.

quote is from the "k" in the font db roman philosophy:
"the soul becomes dyed with the color if its thoughts." - marcus aurelius

On a chilly, rainy day the best thing is to keep busy
indoors. This day we chose painting, mainly because as we
were unpacking the boxes after our move, we found some
of the painting books we hadn’t seen in awhile. We found
the paints and brushes too, which is a minor miracle
in itself. It seemed obvious that the project was destined
to be a perfect way to pass the afternoon.

tfl, susan