A little about us... since it is Valentine's day soon.
Journaling: Twelve years and in all honesty the road has been long and the ride has been bumpy
We set sails with the winds blowing our way but soon enough the storm clouds took over but we are still here together Still holding on to what we’ve got and what we have made is good
is better than good And for that we carry on
You and I work so well together
We will soon be walking hand in hand again


Katie Pertiet: Negative sleeves, Postage frames mega pack, Spot dot brushes, Art brushes, Moments LT (string), Naturally Krafty pp (recolored)

Anna Aspnes - MB Herbs (recolored), Simple torn edges no5, Hipster Plumes no6

Kellie Mize -Organic fields (brushes)

Pattie Knox - Brad Bonanza (recolored), Have a heart felt (recolored)

The "love" word and the heart brushes - I made myself. {blush}