Tracy Ann Digital Art:
Stamped Alphabet 1,
Playful Dots paper,
Hope set,
Simply Said - In Training brushes,
parentheses from 365 Days - Double Set,
Template from Storyboards 2,

It's all Judson asked for, for
Christmas. He did get some other
gifts, but didn't really seem too
interested in those. As soon as he
had opened his gifts, he set up a
spot on the floor to connect his

Late in November, when he'd asked
for this toy, he pronounced it
"Kay-necks" and I said "It's said
like the word connects, because
the pieces connect together." You
could see the understanding spread
across his face.

He didn't waste much time setting
up his new toys,and by the first
week in January he had two large
structures built.

I thought that the Motorized Madness
Ball Machine looked very Rube
Goldberg-ish, and the Saw Blade
Thrill Ride had me laughing.

It really worked, and the toy people
appear to enjoy their endless ride.

tfl, susan