Paper - Botanist No. 13 - Katie Pertiet
Photomasks made with Cooper Std font
Title: DIY Chipboard Letter - Kellie Mize
Paper on Chipboard - Rejoice - Katie Pertiet
Title font - Times and times again
brushes - Hipster Plumes No. 11 - Anna Aspnes
Ledger Grids brushes n stamps - Katie Pertiet
Journaling font - Luna
Journaling reads:
Sunday - Gracie has got to be the sweetest barn cat I have ever known. When she sees me, she comes running, meowing as she runs, and rubs up against me. If I am sitting, she immediately jumps up on my lap and drinks in all the affection I give her. She tolerates being picked up, but likes to see where she is going if I walk while I am holding her. I am amazed that she gets close to the horses and they seem to love her as well.
Monday: After having had about 3 weeks of wonderfully warm weather (sunny & 80's), we are now dealing with a cold spell. Frost expected tonight. I am hoping it will not last very long. I moved to San Diego because I hated the cold, and yes, I know it's not like Connecticut, it's still cold to me.
Tuesday: Cricket and Jet. It didn't take us too much time to help Cricket understand that the Guinea Pigs were not to be eaten. We keep jet in an open bin, which Cricket often pokes her head into to say hello. Jet is quick to lift her head and touch her nose to Crickets, not afraid at all.