Found this fun thread from a while back and took this picture.... Journaling: At our house, "milk" is just understood to mean chocolate milk. This picture is from the last batch I purchased at H.E.B. With two growing teen boys in the house this will last about 3 days, 4 if we're lucky. Empty milk bottles can be found throughout the house; on the desk, coffee table, nightstands, even on the bathroom counter. I'm not complaining, just amazed at the volume of liquids you both can drink on a consistant basis. I pray you will have strong bones! Now please find the trash can. . . .

Katie - Chunky chocolate alpha, Notebook paper, Loosely Labeled Dates, Framed with Tape, Frame from chat freebie,
Patti - Little Folded Ribbons
Anna - Stitched by Anna 2, Foto Blendz clipping mask
Lynn - Worn Page Edges