Tracy Ann Digital Art:
Milestones 1,
Milestones 2 paper,
Stamped Alphabet 1,
template is from Storyboards 365,
label from August Bits,
note paper from Fizzy Pop bits,
staple group from RZ509 bits,
fonts are fg rakel and 1942 report.

I'm not sure exactly when or how this started, this
ritual of noodles before bedtime. Ice cream would be
easier to dish up, and toast would be a lot faster.
But noodles it is, and the practice has expanded to
include marching around the kitchen wearing your bowls
as hats while waiting for the noodles to boil. The
The biggest problem is making sure we keep all stocked
up on ramen, because no one wants to go to the grocery
store at 9 p.m., just for noodles. But we would, if
necessary. Especially considering the alternative.

tfl, susan