Journaling: Maisie, today we went to buy you some good shoes because you in a few short weeks have gone from walking occasionally to RUNNING. We bought you some little faux-crocs to wear in the house so that you little feet stay warm but they weren't really great for going out in, so today we headed out to stride rite to pick you up some GOOD shoes. We found these adorable little brown and pink ones that were a cross between a shoe & a sneaker and just TOO stinking cute. We tried them on you, you ran around the store and then found some other shoes that had handles on their packaging. Well, you decided that one pair was NOT enough, grabbed as many as you could hold and ran down the aisle. Your grandma Kathy LOVED shoes and used to tell me that a girl can NEVER have too many. I sure hope you are not going to be a little shopping diva but today it made me laugh out loud. I love your pure enthusiasm for life and I love you.

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