OK So this sweet love kit, I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Wait until you guys see it, it will be LOVE at first sight (and second and third…)

Journaling: Maisie, your first 'baby' was a gift last Christmas from Nana and Pop pop, but you didn't pay her too much attention. Now it is a different story. You received 2 more babies this year, as well as, a little stroller and now when we ask where is your baby you will go and get one of them and bring her over and hug and kiss her. Today you offered one of them milk from your sippy cup. And even though sometimes you will drop one on her head or drag her along behind you, it is just so cute to watch you with your babies.

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Katie Pertiet
Blank Safety Tags
Little One layered Template
Lil bits alpha
Drop Shadow Styles
Mindy Terewas
Sweet Love Kit **coming soon** 1
Ali Edwards
Baby Hand drawn Brushes
Andrea Victoria
Cashmere Solid Paper
Anna Aspnes
Stitched by Anna No. 1
Pattie Knox
Staple it
Absolutely Acrylic Alpha No. 2
XXL-Maisie (XXL-Designs—our own Starlite9711)
Traveling Typewriter