Scrap yourself page: Journaling During my 4th and

5th grade years of

elementary school we

lived in Ozona where I was in 4-H, an agricultral program. For my project, I chose to raise sheep. The first year, we treated our sheep like pets. They had names (Chico) and each morning and evening we would go out to the “Barn” to feed them, they would come running happy to see us. I won a trophy that 1st year for all the hard work I put in.The difficult part about raising sheep is that you have to send them to slaughter at the end of the year.

We did not name our

sheep the 2nd year.

Katie - Aged Perfection paper, Bookplate Notes, Alpha Strip alphabet, Countryside Brushes, Ledger Stamped Alpha, Ledger Paper pieces flourishes, Dirty Frames

Anna - Stitched by Anna No 2, Quaintly Roam

Mindy - Sunday Morning Paper

Lynn - Worn Pages

Ali - Remember Word Art