This is lift of bluelemur01. Jennifer, thanks for the inspiration.

I took about 7200 pictures in 2008 so it is no wonder she is comfortable in front of the camera. lol. TFL!

Journaling: It amazes me, baby, how completely at ease you are in front of the camera. You will even line up your little eye with the peephole and try to hold onto the sides. On this morning, you and I were exploring the camera; I was showing you all of the different things to look at, while fighting off your little fingers that wanted to pull at things that you didn't need to touch. I turned the camera on us and although most of the pictures turned out with half of our faces cut off or out to focus, this one made me smile. It was a simple, silly moment and it made me happy to know that our days are filled with moments like this and that I could capture one of you and I together, being silly.
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