Journaling: Maisie, after you were born, by emergency c-section, we came home and tried to get into the swing of things with breast feeding and just the general day to day things that happen with a newborn baby. I remember telling your dad and Nana & Pop Pop (who were still here) that by the end of the day my abdomen was hard to the touch, warm & quite painful, but since this was my first time with all of this, when everyone said not to be nervous, I figured it was normal. But a few days later I started to get high fevers and then when you were about 1 week old, while I was in the bathroom, my incision from your c-section reopened unexpectedly and I started to bleed. I have never been so scared in my entire life. My life flashed before my eyes and I didn't know how bad this was. I stood there and Nana helped me to hold a towel to it and we called your dad, I talked to him, and he asked do you need me there, I sobbed, yes. He came home, put me in the car and off to the hospital we went. Over the next week, my doctors tried to remove the infection but when you were 2 weeks old, I went back into the hospital, had a second surgery, the doctors removed the infection and they left the incision open and let it heal from the inside out. So until you were 3 months old, I had to have my incision cared for twice a day. Although today the memory is not as vivid as it was, and I would have gone through anything to have you, I sure hope that when you have a brother or sister, that delivery is a lot LESS exciting.

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