Sunday: SIMPLIFY - This is my “Word for 2009”. I really want to simplify my life this year: my home (less clutter), my work (more automated organization), my scrapbooking (learn more about Photoshop & digi and tag my supplies regularly), and my personal life (stay on track and kick start my weight loss again). I purchased this plaque at a store in Canal Park ~ it is hanging in my kitchen where I can see it everyday. Here’s to simplifying 2009!
Monday: Happy 43rd Birthday Bob! This picture is from Christmas Eve, but it was only two weeks ago, and is what he looks like right now. He didn’t want a cake at work or home, but didn’t escape celebrating altogether because my friend and his co-leader with the Cub Scouts, Carrie, brought ice cream, horns for the kids to blow, and a musical candle ~ Surprise!
Tuesday: I sold this altered IKEA storage chest on Ebay yesterday. I had altered one similar to this for our bathroom and thought I’d try to sell them online. Now that I’ve sold my first one (for $45.00!), I have four others in different variations that I’m going to alter and put up for sale. Hopefully they will go for as much as as fast as this one.
Wednesday: I havent’ been that great about gettng pictures this week, so I’ll re-visit 12/27/08 - Christmas with the Evans side of the family. This is our niece, Nicole (Barb’s daughter) and our great-nephew, Derick (Danielle’s son). We gathered at Kim’s for turkey dinner and to remember Cherryl ~ Bob’s mom who passed away Sept. 17th.

Right side:
Thursday: Trying to fill spots that I didn’t get filled this week. This is our great-nephew, Derick. He is Danielle’s five-year-old son. Now that we are seeing Bob’ side of the family more, we’re getting to know him better. He is a great little boy who is polite, funny, and animated. This was taken out in his Grandma Peggy’s horse barn. What a ham! Taken 11/1/08.
Friday: I didn’t get a picture for today, so I thought I’d show one picture from my scrap room. I want to take down the wallpaper (blue and yellow and white plaid and daisys) and paint the walls a brown like our kitchen with red accents. Maybe this summer we can tackle that project.
Saturday: Since I sold my first storage chest on Ebay, my plan is to sell the other four that I had picked up at IKEA. I altered this one and one other one today. I posted them on Ebay tonight, so we’ll see what happens.