Ummm, obviously the antibiotics kicked in, I am over the bronchitis & am trying to catch up on all of the scrapping I missed. Smile TFL!

Journaling: When I was a child, I really didn't like to read. I remember being in 4th grade or so and having to read a book that had more than 70 pages, well I went through the junior section in the library and found the book that was as close to 70 pages as possible (I think it had 72). This all changed one-day in 5th grade when my dad punished me, for what I am not sure, but he sent me to my room with no TV and no telephone privileges. I happened to have a few books that he had bought me, soon before that, in hopes of peaking my interest in reading. Well, I picked one up and it was ALL OVER. From then through the end of high school, I was never without a novel. If I finished one, I had another ready to start. And after high school, I was still a reading fool. To this day, my house has books tucked here, there and everywhere. And my interests grew from just novels to novels, cookbooks, magazines, poetry, non-fiction, music books and I am sure there are so many more kinds of books I have or have read. Who knew that one small moment, one small decision by a parent, one small choice to pick up the RIGHT book to peak my interest would lead me to the life long love of reading and books that I have and make me the seeker of knowledge that I am today?

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