I hope this habit of his sticks around a while Smile


Katie Pertiet
Photo Clusters No. 6
Baby Buddies Mega Kit
Alandia Collection
Drop Shadow Styles
Drawn in Stitches
Stitching Holes Borders
Date Strips No. 1
Art Class Brushes n Stamps
Anna Aspnes
Distressed Edge Overlays No. 3
MB Origins Paperie
Hipster Plumes No. 20
Fruehling Element Set
Stitched by Anna Cream No. 3
Pattie Knox
Staple Its
Andrea Victoria
Mod Baby Boy Kit (string)
Mindy Terasawa
Sunday Morning Paper Pack
Lynn Grieveson
Paper Bag Alpha

Journaling: You are always ready to go to bed. Nap or nighttime, it doesn’t matter which. If I am not fast enough, you let me know it is time to go upstairs by waving and tugging on the safety gate. Once there, you must have your two pacifiers. You like to hold one in your hand and switch them when the mood strikes. Little bear is also a constant companion. All tucked in with your lullaby CD playing, you wave me away, content.