After I did the ‘brother’s lo for my brother & SIL, my SIL asked if I would scrap this moment for her, & I said OF COURSE. She gave me the pic & the journaling. She is a wonderful photographer. Are they not too cute??? TFL!

Journaling: When Liam was born, from almost the minute you set eyes on him in the hospital, you were so attentive, loving and gentle with him. You affectionately referred to him as "your baby". You loved to kiss the top of his head and nuzzle your face with his. A few days after we came home, you asked to hold him. I was happy to have you do so, though I couldn't possibly miss this moment; I needed my camera. As I peered through my lens and brought the two of you into focus, I watched as you licked your thumb and ran it across the top of you little brother's head. I thought it was a little odd as he didn't have one hair out of place. As I continued to photograph the two of you, you very gently licked the top of his head. When I asked what you were doing, you very seriously said, "Mommy, I'm Sirabi and this is baby Simba. I'm giving him a bath." Brendan, I was speechless. I am totally moved by how protective you are and how very much you love your brother..."your baby".

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