A little something from New Year...



Designer Digitals
Katie Pertiet - All You Need Overlays, Stitching Hole Circles and Postage Stamp Super Pack.
Anna Aspnes - Distressed Toolset No3, Mama Distressed Brush set and Stitched by anna White No2.

Red Ribbon from a freebie from Natali Designs.

Vinnie Pearce
Staples and heart from I Love for Moments Like These (freebie). Sequins from Flutter Fresh (freebie).

Funky Playground
Red label and string from Happy To Be Stuck with You kit by Krystal Hartley and Marcie Reckinger
Kingthings Typewriter ad Junko's Typewritter

apologies if I've missed anything...if you saw the chaotic way I work it's a wonder I can remember the credits for ANYTHING!!