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Journaling: George, unfortunately this day started as a comedy of errors and the more I tried to make it better the more everything fell apart. I was sick, I mean really, REALLY sick. I slept on the couch the night before because I couldn't lie flat without going into a coughing fit. I wanted this day to make you feel so special, to relax and to know how much you mean to Maisie and me. But instead of a day out as a family doing what you wanted, followed by a yummy dinner made by me for you and then an over the top dessert, you had a day of TV and surfing the net while Maisie and I took long naps, take out Chinese and even though I made the cake it was sub par for your usual birthday experience. So, sweetheart, I not only owe you a special day when I am better, but I will make sure that your next birthday is stellar. Maisie and I love you and are so sorry that your birthday wasn't as special as you are to us.

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Layering Leaves Template **coming soon**
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Cashmere Solids (recolored)
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