Background paper - My Country - Katie Pertiet
Title Alpha - Primitive Christmas - Jen Ulasiewicz
Tag - Christmas Spirit - M. Rose
String for charm - Structures Kit - Lie Fhung
Sting of Lights - Christmas Wrapping - Jen Trippetti
Journaling reads: I took Rachel and her friends Aubrey & Alison to Poway's Candy Cane Court so that they could walk it's 3 cul-de-sacs & main road. We took Cricket along as she never passes up a walk with Rachel. I let the girls walk ahead while I set up my tripod for photos. I never get over just how many lights all the homes put up, and how elaborate their decorations are, from cut out and painted plywood characters to helicopters made of lights, on the rooftop. Many families sit in their driveways with firepits to keep them warm as they greet passersby. There is always someone on a corner giving out free hot cocoa or mulled cider, and on the main street is a karaoke machine set up for people to stop and sing Christmas carols. It's a must to visit each Christmas.