Journaling Left Side:
Since the year started on a Thursday, I’ve picked my favorite pictures from the past week - Christmas 2008. This is one of the many snowman ornaments on my Christmas tree. I am trying to learn how to take better pictures with my camera, so this was my attempt at a close up with the glow from the lights behind it.
Monday: On Dec. 26th we had our annual Ho Christmas dinner. For the 2nd year in a row we went to Blackwood’s on the Lake on London Road in Duluth. This year was a bit different in that Michele, who had moved to Omaha, NE this past June, was home for a visit; and Elyssa was visiting from the Cities, so she joined us as well. I gave the girls each a CD calendar of our trip to Omaha this past July. A wonderful night of laughs, fine food, and thoughtful gifts made for great holiday memories.
Tuesday: Of all the gifts we gave Eric for Christmas this year, I think he got the biggest kick out of Bob’s idea of stocking stuffers, even though they didn’t fit in his stocking. Eric became a licensed driver this past May and drives the pick up truck, so Bob got him new wiper blades, a tire guage, windshield washer fluid, and extra batteries. We told Eric he was having a “practical” Christmas this year and by the look on his face in this picture, he thought his practical gifts were pretty cool!
Wednesday: This year I was determined to get a good picture of Eric (16), Cody (9) and Jack (7) ~ it had been at least 4 years since we had taken one. I told the boys if they smiled nice for me, I would let them take a couple of goofy ones. They didn’t disappoint. This was the prize-winning photo, and the series that I took made for a great impromptu photo shoot. The boys spent the day playing with LEGOS and their new Guitar Hero game.


Thursday: Happy New Year! Today was like any other feels like the weekend because we’ve been off of school for a week and a half. I continued to work on my “To Do” list including changing the photos in the living room - something that hasn’t been done in probably four years! Eric and Robert were up to their usual things they do when they hang out, playing games and creating sound bytes on the computer. They actually granted me permission to take their picture!
Friday: Today I thought I would share the photos I put up yesterday...this is my only area of the livingroom with room for picture frames. On top is a picture of the “Ho’s” Christmas 2007; then my mom and my sister snowshoeing on Christmas Day 2008; then Eric, Cody and Jack on Christmas Day, as well. The picture below that is of mom and dad on their trip out West in 2007, and then on the table is a second picture of Eric, Cody and Jack on Christmas Day - my favorite of all the pictures I took that day. They are all growing up so fast!
Saturday: Today I FINALLY made my no sew blanket! I have probably had this fleece material in a bag in my spare room for a good 6 months or more, and it was on my “To Do” list for my vacation. I’m SO happy I finally got it done! It’s extra long and very snuggly warm! My living room has pinecones and leaves in the wrought iron detail, so it matches perfectly.

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