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Journaling: Your Kindergarten class was scheduled to lead chapel two weeks before Christmas break. Your teacher, Mrs. Polvado, selected an adorable skit of the Nativity Christmas story using the poem, “The Night Before Christmas” as a backdrop. You were given the role of one of the shepherds. You diligently studied your two lines: “Did you hear what the angel said? Let us go see the baby Jesus” and “The Lord will watch the sheep. Let us hurry!” We practiced your lines together for weeks. You knew them inside out. Finally, the big day arrived, and you confidently recited the lines in the car one last time on the way to school. There wasn’t a hint of nervousness in you as your teachers quickly costumed your class in bathrobes and angel wings. Even seeing the crowd of parents and students didn’t phase you. Soon the play began. Everyone was doing beautifully, singing Christmas songs and reciting their lines. About halfway through the skit, as I was taking pictures, I noticed you had a puzzled look on your face. You kept looking at your teachers as if something was not quite right. Then it dawned on me. They had inadvertantly skipped over your part of the story. I was afraid you would start getting upset but was so proud of you for not crying or raising a fuss. As you headed toward your seat after the performance, I gave you a big hug and told you how very proud I was of you. Your class performed the skit again a week later for the parents, and this time, you showed everyone what a great little shepherd you were. But what I will remember most is how you showed real poise and strength of character that day. I will always be proud of my “little shepherd.”

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