Are you ready for some REALLY exciting news? Anna Aspnes is coming to DD...TOMORROW! Anna's designs have a look that is truly her can spot them without even glancing at the designer's name. I think we all have our own style and can get into a rut wherein everything we create looks pretty much the same. I think what *I* love the most about Anna's work is the way she makes it so darned easy for me to experiment with something different from my standard look.

I feel in love with the color combination in Anna's "Esther" series as soon as I saw it. Thanks to Anna I was able to take these "everyday moment" shots of my DD and niece relaxing on a summer's eve and create something out of the ordinary for me.

Dave's Midnight Sepia action helped the photos blend in better with the colors and I like th "dreamy" look it gave them combined with the papers/elements/brushes from the "Esther" collection. Be sure to check the shelves tomorrow to see more of Anna's designs.