We took our Dalmatian boy, Chaz, along to my parents' for Christmas, and he spent the whole time we were there going from one person to the next in search of treats (or, failing that, petting). Of course, I had to do a page...and, as usual, I came up with two versions, so once again I'm stuck, trying to decide which I prefer: I like the subtlety of the red-and-grey palette I used for the version with the stylized stamps, but then, I think that maybe the more colorful palette of the other does a better job of saying "holiday."


Katie Pertiet – Stamped Blocks No. 6, Postmarked Holidays No. 2, Holiday Dots No. 3 Brushes-n-Stamps; Holiday Postage Strips No. 1; Postage Frame Super Pack; Little Round Tabs; Wooden Ornaments
Dana Zarling – 11/23/08 Everyday Challenge Freebie (polka-dot paper)
Jesse Edwards – Clean & Serene 2 Solids
Kellie Mize – Tortuga Template #9
Pattie Knox – Staple Its
Eclectic designs by Gabi – Mini Metal Alpha


Steelfish, LD Remington Streamline