I have to do Dec. 8 & I am going to do a final page for the book, BUT then I am done. TFL!

Journaling: Maisie woke up during the night crying (she is getting molars) and we brought her into bed with us so we could hopefully all get some sleep before Christmas morning, but she was up for good about 5:30, and by 6 we were down stairs with coffee. We helped Maisie to open all of the wonderful presents that Santa brought, as well as, a few from Mama & Dada. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and we probably had 4 bursts of opening gifts with Maisie playing with her favorite of the moment in between. Maisie bought Mama beautiful diamond earrings and Dada a Patriot's Jersey for their weekly watching of 'ball' as Maisie calls football. After we all took a bit of nap, we packed up and headed to George's sister's house to spend Christmas afternoon with the whole family. Maisie was SPOILED rotten by George's side of the family and that is on top of the spoiling that went on this morning by my side of the family. It was a nice relaxing day and I took plenty of pictures to try and remember the first Christmas that Maisie really seemed to get into. It was so wonderful to share this joyous day with our beautiful and precious little girl. Having her here makes this day so much more special.

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