2 more to go. TFL!

Journaling: This was the last day to get any kind of running around done for Christmas. Mimi came over to watch Maisie for a few hours and I drove to Concord got coal, gas, groceries, a gingersnap latte and had only half an hour left to finish my Christmas shopping for George (which obviously wasn't enough) so when I got home, I packed little miss in the car and we took off to finish up. We were able to finish without too much fuss so on our way home I decided to get Maisie a couple of munchkins as a treat. They had a festive one with red, green and white sprinkles and I thought to myself that that one would be a good idea; she would enjoy looking at the colors and the texture. Well, yeah, I was wrong on the good idea. The second it touched her lips the sprinkles started to transfer their color to her lips, hands, tongue and then as she continued to eat it they got on her face and all over her white shirt. I had to laugh and take some pictures as I learned another mommy lesson.

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