Journaling: Lately you have been noticing and naming so many things around you. The other day we were looking a picture of a lamb and a chick and you called the lamb 'baaa' and told me that the chick says 'cheep, cheep'. Well right after that you noticed the little lamb that has been in your crib since you were born, the one that your Aunt Missy gave you and called him 'Baa'. Now it is baa this and baa that, and yesterday we added 'Moo' to the mix, we were out shopping with Mimi and you saw this little brown cow, at eye level from your stroller and grabbed him, kissing and talking to him. We were able to coax him away from you and put him back but then we rounded the store again and went by him. Quick as lightening, you grabbed him and wouldn't give him up. Your Mimi said it was meant to be yours and bought it for you. The rest of the day, you held Moo and hugged Moo and kissed Moo. When we got home you had Baa in one arm and Moo in the other. Maisie, it is so cute to see you loving your little friends so much!

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