Dec Daily Templates and Holiday Word Art by Ali Edwards
Cabana White paper by Katie Pertiet
Font: Courier New
Journaling reads:
It took me about two days to decorate the tree this year. I worked on it for a few hours one evening after everyone had gone to bed, and then during Alexandra’s nap time the next day. Alex and I picked up a few more ornaments this year at Target -all unbreakable ones, including butterflies, birds and gold, copper, and ivory balls. We tried out a new tree skirt as well, but unfortunately our tree is so big it looked silly underneath it. So two ivory tablecloths were put down instead and looked just fine. We already owned a great deal of acorn, leaf and bird ornaments, so I wanted to do a nature themed tree... which seems a bit funny as birds and acorns in nature aren’t covered in glitter or made of iridescent glass. I figure there will come a time in the near future when I will have to let go of my themed tree for awhile and let the candy canes, ornaments made from play-doh, and plastic cartoon characters in every color of the rainbow take over my seasonal show-piece. And I’ll probably find that tree to be just as beautiful.