Journaling: Today was my birthday and I am JUST starting to get to the age where I don't as freely share my age, but what a wonderful day I had. Maisie and I finally went shopping with Mimi, we power shopped to get all of the nieces, nephews and cousins done and had a ball looking at all of the wonderful things that are out there. We all went to lunch at the 99 and I had a molton chocolate cake for desert (you just had to have some, too) because if you can't be decadent and indulgent on your birthday when can you? We dropped Mimi off late in the day and got home to George making baked stuffed lobster for me (and yes it was JUST as yummy as it sounds) as well as finishing frosting my cake. It was a wonderful, fun, indulgent day and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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