Journaling: Today I spent most of the day cleaning and getting the house ready not only for Christmas but for my dear friend Kara's yearly visit. Maisie and I were supposed to have gone shopping with Mimi but she had a horrible night and was up tossing, kicking me (I have bruises to prove it) and screaming in our bed most of the night, so we postponed it until tomorrow. When George got home, he went to work on making my birthday cake, which is such a wonderful tradition that means so much to me. He makes it completely from scratch and the finished cake is MUCH better than any that we could get anywhere around. And he ices a cake SO much better than I do. To top off the night he made me a creme brulee martini as a little pre-birthday celebration, as well as a little treat after the sleepless night we had all had the night before.

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