Journaling: George left Thursday on a little impromptu hunting trip with his brother, so just Maisie and I woke up on Friday morning to no power. When I looked outside EVERYTHING was coated in ice and it looked like it would be a while before power was restored. I immediately checked the coal stove to make sure we would get the most heat out of it that we could. We spent the day pretty low key, wondering when the power would be restored. With the daylight fading so early, I went to bed and kept Maisie in the bed with me, getting up to check the fire several times through the night. We woke to the house at 48 degrees and I was able to bring it up to 55 by noon with just the coal stove. The news on the radio was saying that it could be days before power was recovered, but we were lucky to have the power come back on at around 2 pm and I literally danced around the kitchen when it did, as Maisie looked at me like I was nuts. I have to say that I'm pretty proud that this girl, that grew up in suburban NY, in an apartment, was able to handle a major state emergency and no power for about 36 hours with a toddler in December by herself. But I was VERY happy when George got home on Saturday night.

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