Having always wanting to see what our horse looked like as a baby, we finally obtained some baby pictures from the original owner which I couldn't wait to scrap. This is the first page completed.

Background paper - naturally krafty No.5 - Katie Pertiet
Paper - A little Worn Out - Brandy Hackman - Scrapgirls
Watermark Brush - Something Springy Pageset - Anna Aspnes
Grid brush - Ledger grids - K. Pertiet
Lines brush - Ledger grids - K. Pertiet
Discover your World brush - Worth Repeating - K Pertiet
Stitching - La Cremerie Myrtille - K. Pertiet
Twill Ribbon - Orchid Row Kit - K. Pertiet
Dotted Ribbon - A flower in Bloom kit - Charlene Runge
Frame - Carded Stacked Frames - K. Petiet
Watch parts - Clock parts - K. Pertiet
Chipboard Title - Custom Chipboard Slightly Casual - Lauren Bavin - Digital Scrapbook Place
Heart Pin - Pin-Its - P. Knox
Journaling - FG Wurth

Journaling reads: Dusty, pictured here with either his sire (father) - “A Magnificent Mr”, or his sister “Misters Holly go Litely” (same parents, but four years older). I was always curious as to what color Dusty was as a colt, and was surprised to see him as a bay, as I figured he had been a steel gray. He is quite an inquisitive horse, not afraid of anything, always wanting to check things out. I am certain, growing up at this stable had quite a bit to do with it.