I haven't quite finished days 1 & 3 and day 4 & 5 was mainly spent doing these layouts!

Holiday music began in the stores before thanksgiving, setting the mood for shoppers to get their lists crossed off before the big day, Most of us need it, that holiday feeling, to get started with cookies and decorating.
I never realized music played such a big part of getting into the holiday spirit, and not being able to hear it well these past several years, I found myself in an empty place I'd not experienced before. Then came my Bose headset. Plugged into the computer and with a search on Youtube, I was lost in the flood of memories I had been longing for.
The soft and velvet tones of Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby worked best. David Bowie was a harsh note my ears didn't invite.
Listening to these old friends brought fond memories of Christmases past and I wanted to share them with Howard, so I unplugged the headset he so wisely persuaded me to buy, but then all was lost again, with flat voices and tinny noises!

Dana Zarling - Grungy little Christmas papers
Ali Edwards - TemplateNo13 with Font
Katie Pertiet - Brush from Days of December
YouTube images