I wasn't really happy with the flatness of my earlier layout with these photos, so I added some brushwork, flowers, brackets and a monogram. I also changed the frames from black to beige.

Edit: I still wasn't happy, so I changed the background and tag. I think I may be finally finished....

Journaling: Ray showing off his new skates. Circa 1922-1925.
Raymond’s birthday was December 27, 1916, so perhaps these skates were a Christmas or birthday present for young Raymond. This photo appears to have been taken in the winter - notice the snow on the ground and bare trees. There is no date, so we have to guess. The location may be in Wilmette, Illinois, or perhaps at Grandma Kirschke’s home on W. 118th Street in West Pullman.

Katie Pertiet's: Story Time Kit, Branched Edgers,with photo turns and sparkly branch from her Alandia Kit, also Border Die Cuts No. 2, and Photo Wraps No. 2, Canvas Tags, paper flowers were a chat freebie.
Patie Knox's Christmas Alpha.
Bracket from Lynn Grieveson's Brighton Kit (altered quite a bit).