I'm going to do it this year! I so admired Mollie's pages last year, but had only been scrapping for a little over a month (no self confidence) Wink I'm starting with Thanksgiving for my book so here's pages 1 and 2.

Thanksgiving day starts with me taking inventory of what I need to cook. (I will forget something if I don’t, I just know it.) So, the day before I start putting together casseroles and stuffing so that I can try my darnedest to get the timing right so that everything is ready at the same time when it’s time to eat.

This year, I worked with a new recipe for the turkey which had me coating it with kosher salt the night before and covering it with water to make a brine. The 18 pd turkey plus the water in the big pot meant that I had to ask Gary to lift it and put it in the fridge. I had Mark helping out this year, too. He made the pumpkin and the lemon pies.

So, this morning Gary got the turkey out of the fridge for me and I went to work on the other parts of the recipe. Once it was in the oven I had some time here and there while it cooked. This is the part of the day where I start feeling down because I’m not with our large family.

This time I did something to occupy my time. . . I read quite a bit of the second book in the Twilight Series. It was nice to do something that I wanted to do instead of something else that needed to be done.

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