I'm going to do it this year! I so admired Mollie's pages last year, but had only been scrapping for a little over a month (no self confidence) Wink I'm starting with Thanksgiving for my book so here's pages 1 and 2.

While I read Zoe watched out the window just sure that it was a school day and that the kids would be playing in the field any minute. I then got out the Villeroy and Bach china that I bought in Germany specifically for Thanksgiving. It is called Mon Jordin and I got it for $1 a plate. I do so love a bargain.

Well, as hard as I try, there is always something that hasn’t finished cooking in time and this year was no exception. It was the Company Potatoes. AND as I write this I realize I never made the rolls!!! Good grief. . . sigh. Nobody complains and everything IS cooked in time for the second round. . . left overs.

We are not a football family so my guys humor me with games because they know I like them. This year we played cards and then Sequence and then Nathan cracked us up by wanting to play Enchanted Forest. This is a game we played when he was 4. Once we printed out the directions off the internet we all had fun playing the game. . . it was obvious, though that the straegies were a little different than they were when we played 17 years ago.

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