Our outing the other day Smile

Katie Pertiet: Vintage Journal Spots No. 01,
Tracy Ann Digital Art:
Storyboards 2,

fonts are baker's script and pharmacy.


Every autumn, late in the season, we take a girls’ Christmas trip. This doesn’t necessarily have
to have anything to do with Christmas, but it does have to be something we will all enjoy. The
girls have been enjoying their American Girl Dolls for quite awhile now, and we were thrilled
to hear that a new store had opened p only a few hours away. Finally the day came, and we got
there right on time. Grandma was waiting for us and we started our day. After a little bit of
shopping we had lunch with some loaner dollies, since the girls’dolls were getting their hair done
at the doll salon. After lunch, we shopped for over an hour. Each girl picked out another doll
and some accessories. Last but not least was the book section, where they got to pick out
new stories about their new dolls.

I’d have to say the trip was a success based merely on the amount of chatter on the way
home. It was one of those outings that turned out better than I’d expected, which is rare
enough when there are multiple children to please.

tfl, susan