This is for the challenge over at Ideabooks4u.
I always love the ideas Jill comes up with
for these challenges.

When we saw this tree at Target I knew exactly what to do with it.
I am doing my best to make sure you all grow up knowing that giving is better than receiving.
And its quite hard with a house of 4 little ones to not get caught up myself in all the things I want to get for you.
After all, I do want your wishes to come true, and I do so look forward to that satisfied look and happy glow
that comes around on Christmas morning. But as you are growing I want you to realize that you are incredibly blessed.
You already have so much and I hope you can always see the needs of others and share that blessed life.
So as part of our giving this year we have written our names on the presents of each of these trees.
Each day of december someones name will get picked and that person will get to give a gift to someone on our list.
The list is wonderful, including strangers, teachers,our friends children, and even gifts to a shelter or the homeless.
I think everyone made great choices in who they selected. And I cant wait to see you kids
enjoy the season of giving in a whole new way this year. Christmas 2008

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