our DS with his puppy.

Tracy Ann Digital Art:
November Lucky Dip
Christmas Titles (coming soon),
font is rosa marena

They’ve been hanging
around with each
other for a few months
now, and despite a few
times that mom and dad had
to remind Judson to take
Cadie for a walk, every now
and then, they both did quite well
together. Cadie was the
perfect pup and had an
unusual amount of
patience for her 12 year
old master. After all, she was
new at being a pup, too. They
learned to do things together,
like the best way to complete
chores first thing in the morning
without too many stops on the
way to the barn, and how to surprise the goats by sneaking
around the corner and jumping out.
Yep, they were officially a team.


tfl, susan