This is the second in a series of silhouettes I'm doing of my children. In each, I include elements that are characteristic of that child. For my ds, the sun represents his joy; the music and CDs represent his love of music; the gears (at bottom) represent his engineering nature; the bicycle, his passion for riding and sports; the dog prints, his conquest of his fear of dogs and his new-found great love for them; the lion is the symbol of Ethiopia, his home country; and the dirt ... well, he IS a boy. ;-)

Thanks again to Cassie for the inspiration. And thank you for looking!

Mixed Up Playdate -- Katie Pertiet
Distressed brush, Paraiso Azul (sun), FotoBlendz Mask -- Anna Aspnes
Journaling Freebie 110208 -- Kellie Mize
Sunburst Paper -- Nicole Kaltenecker
First Bike Kit -- Vinnie Pearce
Curious Kit (dirt) -- Karah Fredericks
Dancing Circles Brush -- UAE Style (Adobe Exchange)