My ds in his grandfather's uniform during a recent school program saluting veterans. I couldn't have been prouder! The lower two photos are of dh and my father.

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Seeing you dressed in your grandfather’s uniform brought back a rush of memories as well as a glimpse into the future. You wore it proudly, and I could not have been prouder of you. The way you conducted and carried yourself ... how very mature you looked. And the echoes of your father’s, your grandfather’s and my Naval service rang loudly in my ears as I watched you solemnly carry in the Navy flag. Paul, I don’t know what the future may hold for you, but never forget the patriotic tradition of your family ... a tradition of service and love of the freedoms
our American fathers left us as a sacred heritage to have and to hold.

Photo Corners No. 2, Curled Frame Distressed, Vintage Journal Spots Sample, Cabana White -- Katie Pertiet
Layered Template No. 15 (Hinge) -- Ali Edwards
Page Frame -- Lynn Grieveson
12x12 ZigZag Stitch Frame -- Anna Aspnes
Totally Stung Out -- Pattie Knox
Fabric Overlay -- Jesse Edwards