This is my DBF and he defineately isn't your Average Guy. The kit I used really inspired me on this LO

of him, and the title :D

Average Joe Page Kit by

Dana Zarling
Distressed Out Page Kit

by Dana Zarling
Lil Music Man Alpha by

Mindy Terasawa
Wander Alpha by Anna


Nope...Marc is not your Average Guy.
He is a unique and special kinda guy,
to say the least. His ideal of a good
Christmas movie is Die Hard 2 or Lethal
Weapon. He likes Rock music and loves
to travel, hates to fly, but his motto,
ya gotta get there so hey!!! He once
told Chris he would never go on a
cruise, in January 2009 we go on our
third cruise, of course, it had to be
not your average cruise, but the
Rock Boat...where 32 Rock Bands
come with you and you Rock
out to all hours of the day
and nite...
defineately up Marc's alley... cause he
really is...Not Your Average Guy!!!

edited to add list only!!!