A very simple page for the Design Your Life class. This follows the other page - this is what we DID get from our pumpkin patch adventure.

Journaling: Although it wasn’t our traditional pumpkin patch, there were lots of fine pumpkins of which to choose one to take home.
After searching the small pumpkin area, we agreed on a large one. Our pumpkin had a great unblemished flat side for carving.
Jennifer was also attracted to the small pumpkins. She eyed them but didn’t want to ask for one in addition to the large pumpkin. Since the large one was less expensive than I had anticipated I allowed her to take one of the small ones home as well.

Jesse Edwards: Happy Harvest Paper Pack, Clean and Serene Solids
Katie Pertiet: Graphic Pop Postage Strips, Basic Bare Chipboard Alphabet
Ali Edwards: Stacked Dates

Font: Garamond and CK Ali’s Handwriting