Tracy Ann Digital Art:

Halloween Wisps,
note paper by Shabby Princess,
font is my old remington

Ah, the changing seasons. It brings with it a
somewhat frantic desire on my part to make
sure the children go on all available field
trips to the local educational places. Now
that we've moved to a different part
of the country, we have so many new
things to see and do. We were happy
to see how many orchards were around
here! When I called one close by our
home, they spent some time with me
telling about the options. I chose a
school package, since we do have 8
students and qualified for the special

First off, the children sat on the floor in
front of the storyteller, and listened as
she read a book about the many types
of apples and which variety was best
used for what purpose.

Next up was a tour of the little
country market, where we were shown
the actual apples they harvested
there. And, it wasn't just an apple
orchard, but also a pumpkin patch and
corn maze! Earlier in the summer it is
also a berry patch. All in all, a very
sweet farm.

The children were all told to hop onto the hay trailer pulled by
a tractor. That's when we got the big tour of the entire orchard,
and stopped to pick an apple each. When we got to the pumpkin
patch, they were told to each choose a “pie pumpkin" so named
because of their small size--each pumpkin would make exactly one pie!
The last stop was the playground, where we stayed for over an hour.
Swinging, sliding, jumping, fighting and running, they wore themselves out
and it was time to eat the apple each had carefully chosen from the

They say there's something especially tasty about the food one gathers
for oneself, and I'm pretty sure that all the children agreed with that.

tfl, susan