Journaling Reads:
You are a world traveler and you have flown so many times I can’t even count, but you have never flown by yourself. Your Dad is doing some work in Oklahoma City and wanted you to come up for the weekend so the two of you could go to the farm in Arkansas. When I asked if you wanted to get on the plane and head that way, you said “yes”. No doubts, no fears, no worries. I think your father was more skeptical than you were. I knew you would be fine and I really was perfectly fine with the idea. You are such a seasoned traveler that I think you could navigate an International Terminal without any help! So for the record, you took your first Unaccopanied Minor trip on October 24, 2008. You are seven years old. You flew from Houston, Texas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You were not scared, you were not afraid, you did not have one single doubt. You took your iPod, Nintendo DS, a Sudoku Book and June B - Toothless Wonder book to read.

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